Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Stress, Stress and Stress everywhere. You hear a lot of this word nowadays. People who are missing my blogs are asking me whether I am in a stress. No boss I am not under any stress. I am writing this to ensure that there is no stress or tension, but was actually busy with the other aspects of my life.

Stress can mean differently at different times. It means the tension we are under can be either physical or mental or financial, etc.  It is actually the feel of your life at the present moment. It shows how happy or how sad you are with yourself.

If you are happy and content with your life, the happiness is shown on your face and you are termed as stress free. If you are undergoing a lot of pain regarding any aspect of your life and you are trying hard not to show it to the outside world then you are in a stress. This can happen unknowingly also. If you are too much engrossed into something and are neglecting the other aspects of your life, that might also give you stress.

You have a problem with your physical body which is the package covering your heart, your emotions, your mind and are with great difficulty, trying hard to carry the package to tread along the path of your life, then you are in stress. You have pain or are not feeling normal with the working of the package material(hands, legs, stomach,etc) then go to the root of the problem and try to solve it with expert medical help.

To ensure that you are stress free and live a content life, try to start to be active like how the kids are. They are always on the move, observe that they never sit quite. It is actually healthy to not sit for hours together in front of the TV or playing games on the mobile or find out what your friends have uploaded on the social networking site. Making all the above things a habit are the actual causes of stress. But, playing outdoor/indoor games with family/friends, cracking jokes and laughing ,humming songs, listening to music, etc should be our habits which are regular enough to remove our tensions.

Some people are always discontent . Unaware of the causes they always think that everyone else is responsible for the tension in their life. They always think office people are responsible for the tension in their job, the family is responsible for the tension at  home, and finally the system is responsible for all the problems at the state level and even the country's system is responsible for the state we are in. Ridiculous isnt' it. The actual problem is the person himself. The negative attitude makes the person think such. And the person's attitude is making him stressed.

You might have heard today's chic word 'COOL' . Every nice thing or person  is termed as cool. The word itself is so cool. When we pronounce it with a drawl, 'coooool', the inner tensions come out as you exhale. So utter it and cool down.Do not run to wrong conclusions about anything in life. Life is like sand and if you try to hold it harder, more sand (life) slips out of your hand.

Life is short and try to make it sweet. Try and be happy in all circumstances and go to the root of the problems if you are facing any. More than anything else in life, ensure that you are having a stress free life. My life's motto is Do Good, Feel Good and ensure that all good things happen to people around me. That makes me happy and this helps me lead a stress free life.

Try to be cheerful always. Face any problem with a smile and say to yourself 'Come on you can solve it'. Discuss about it and understand the different aspects of the problem and half the problem is solved. If not, you can atleast push the problem to the background and solve it when the actual time comes. Till then 'Dekha jayega' should be the attitude. Here's wishing you all a Stress free life.


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