Sunday, 15 April 2012


Films have a lot of influence in our lives.
Life in India is nothing but living with families and films. What a better time to talk about films when India is celebrating the 100th year of filming. Can you imagine life without films? It seems impossible. Although, nowadays its life without T.V which seems impossible; but films still rule our lives. The influence of films is such that we have become very natakiya. In fact, we are all very good actors as we tend to enact some or the other aspect of films in our lives. But as luck would have it our filmy stars are luckier to be on screen and we do all the acting in our life to accomplish the filmy angle in our lives.

Leaving the drama to unfold itself, I would like to emphasize that film songs are more influencing than the drama. Songs do play a pivotal role in every mood of our life. Everyone would agree that whenever we are very happy we are always singing the good happy songs like Hanste Hanste kat jaye raste, Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, Mein zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, etc and when our mood is off and are fed up of our life we hear to sad songs such as Aae zindagi gale lagale, Zindagi dene wale sun tere duniya se ji bhar gaya…

When we are enjoying the rains all the radio channels start playing rain songs like rim jhim gire sawan, tip tip barasa paani or aaj rapat jaaye tho  and what a way to enjoy rains with pakodas,chai and songs in the background.

And hey wait, the most important aspect of our life, sadness!  Sadness in life is one common thing which everybody starts feeling right from the teenage. When we start remembering our past sadness’s we all start smiling to ourselves and thank god that those (sometimes silly) sad times have gone past. We keep wondering how we could feel so much pain for such a simple reason and how stupid we were and how sentimental we had been. There is no doubt we made all the people around us sad and forced all around us to listen to those sad songs(Tanhayee ,Tadap tadapke is dil main,Dil ke jaroke mein) which have added fuel to our dard and we would not stop listening to those sad songs because we liked the songs and we assumed that those singers/actors were the only ones who could understand our pain.  We feel that those songs were written and sung to suit our purpose. Those songs have empathized with our moments of hardships.

Songs don’t rule us only during happy or sad moments but also are the root of several celebrations like birthdays, weddings, engagements and parties. Can we imagine any celebration without songs? Sometimes we do start singing and dancing without any reason.

Life is a celebration isn’t it and we don’t shy away from celebrating it without the filmy songs. Hats off to the new songs on the block; which have enhanced our belief in life. They have really given us more smiles and tears of joy.

On a lighter note our filmy actors are fed up of acting and they want to lead our normal life and are seen befriending non-actors and donning different attires to hide their super actor’s face and try being normal middle class human beings. And there are thousands of people trying their luck in the film land with bigger dreams in their hearts. So, good luck to all the new entrants in films. Looking forward to more drama being enacted in the lives of we Indians, who live and breathe films.

Here’s wishing you all happy viewing and happy singing!!!


  1. the title should be Mere Songs... good choice of songs... feel like adding some more to the endless list... gaata rahe mera dil...

  2. Every individual especially in India tries and imitates the actor or the actress for the role what they play in the movies, this is very true a song which is near to what has happened in life will become very close to life which will not be forgotten at all.

  3. interesting, I think every individual in India is related with this story ..