Monday, 9 April 2012

High Handedness

Life is full of it. The system has it, on the road, at the shopping mall, at the theatres, at the neighborhood, the office; the last but not the least the home front also has it. How do we tackle it? Do we give tit for tat? Or do we smile and just move on?

We have a mind which tells the do’s and don’ts and a heart which tells that the mind is right/wrong. We tend to be very sad, whenever our heart is nudging us that whatever we have uttered just now was wrong and hurtful to the opposite person. But at the same time we are very happy when we like what we have said or done. During the matter of behavior, we never let our heart rule our head.

The person seated at the government office who is supposed to service the people with a smile, does act in a high handed manner with the aam janta as though he is doing an honor.

The person on the road looks down upon every other person. The person in a four wheeler thinks low of a person who is on a two wheeler and in turn this person thinks low of the person who is walking. During accidental brushes of vehicles, the number of abuses coming from a person matches the number of tires of his vehicle and there is no place for the human mind to interfere.  

At the home front, we have a tendency to compare ourselves with our own kith and kin. We think the way we live our lives, the food we eat, the choice of our clothes, our way of thinking, our actions, everything about us is the best. Sasuma thinks that she knows how to keep her son happy but never tries to teach her bahu about the weaknesses of her son, coz she doesn’t want to let the control(chavi) get out of her hand. That’s because she thinks she is better off than her bahu.

Teenagers think the choice of their gadgets is better than their parent’s choice. They think that knowledge acquired by Google is better than the knowledge of experienced persons. There is no authentication for the knowledge of the experienced person unless and until one experiences it.

People do tend to be having a grudge with the person on the other end. We always forget that if we have risen to a standard above the next person, we were also present in the same status for a certain number of days.

We do have the tendency to appreciate ourselves better than appreciating others, the difficulties which we have faced to be successful in life are the greatest.  We do think that by not appreciating others we are doing a right thing because none have appreciated us on our achievements nor has anybody acknowledged our difficulties. Why should we do it?

This is where we lack. We have to learn to do justice for the other person before we try to achieve it for ourselves. We will be getting more from life if we appreciate the others before expecting it from others. Learn to appreciate the good things in life. We have to be thankful to the food, clothing, shelter, and all the other luxuries of life we get so easily at the snap of our fingers. In fact, the person reading this is lucky enough to have the technology and the free time to go through this.

There is no value for whatever money we earn today, because our yearnings never end. The individual who has got the first job of his life is so very excited to get the first salary, not because he is able to pay his bills, but he is more eager to replace all his accessories with new ones. He is unfortunately being led into the false world of false images and high handedness. Instead, he should be thankful that he is lucky enough to be able to earn and do something to appreciate his near and dear ones who have helped him in his journey towards success. The moment he starts appreciating, he will never be influenced by negative thoughts.

To sum up; our high handed behavior which is sometimes unknown to us gets controlled by the fact that we start to appreciate. To appreciate means to be happy with the surroundings, the people around us, be thankful to the food we get, above all a word of thanks to the almighty that brought you in the world. The day should always start with a small prayer which makes a good opening for everyday and the whole world is waiting to be appreciated by you and in turn you will be appreciated for your greatness.    

So friends, never look down upon the next person who is beside you, instead smile and appreciate him. Let’s make the world a beautiful place to live in. 

Shall we start to appreciate our near and dear ones from today?


  1. Interesting :)

  2. I can tell one thing for sure that one can write this when he/she has experienced the pain of this in life. since I know you (author) personally one thing I can tell about you Is, there are only a few like u and we need some more people who think like you to come forward in society.