Monday, 26 March 2012


What is friendship?  Friendship is a boat which rocks our life.  Every relationship in our life thrives on the friendship we have between the relationships. Be it father-daughter, father-son, mother-daughter, mother-son or husband-wife and simple friends.  

Simple friends we meet during our school, college days or at the office or the neighbors or acquaintances we come across are the first tastes of friendship.  We realize that our lives are content when we have our friends with us and we share all our difficulties about our parents, siblings, and even our personal relationship stories with them. We take suggestions from them and adhere to them as they are the true ones who understand us. We share our joys and sorrows with them as they are our true well-wishers. We take advises from them thinking that they understand us and they wouldn’t want any wrong thing happening to us.  

When we have true friends outside our homes, sometimes we do mistrust our parents and siblings because we think they never take the effort to understand us.  We need to understand one aspect of our lives that whatever we have done in our life during our school and college days, our parents have withstood  our  nakhras and nautankis  be it in acknowledging our achievements and  joys;  or any bahanas (or true reasons) of not achieving. They know the amount of hard work we have gone through in achieving that joy. They also know the reason for lack of hard work which resulted in not achieving something. To sum up, our true friends are our parents and siblings, who are with us in all the ups and downs of life. They are the ones who know our weaknesses and strengths.

But, there is something which holds us back in making good friendship with our family members. That is TRUST. Lack of TRUST is the one which stops us from being true to our family members. TRUST can be on any side of the relationship. That will be a great bonding where there is no place for mistrust, ego clashes, negativity, etc. Life will be a celebration where all good things happen, more opportunities, more confidence and more acceptances for the happenings of life. All this in return gives you a stress free life. The stress you have undergone during the daily grind is instantly reduced when you have a jovial atmosphere at home.

Every individual has a responsibility to create a jovial atmosphere at home. It is possible only if you are friends with your parents, siblings, and children and with your respective spouse. All your family members will face life with a positive outlook. There’s a saying that the family that eats together will stay together. We need to insure that at least one time a day the family eats together.  Today’s social networking life is breaking the family bonding as everyone is bothered about the status of a friend at a social networking site, than the lost smile in a family member’s face.

What happens if your friend happens to be one from outside the family? Nothing is lost; here too you get the same happiness.  But, there is a time constraint to it. The friend is available only if time permits. The expectation to spend time with the friend keeps on increasing every second/hour/day/month. The discussions/consultations you need to do, for the resolving of the immediate problem, keep on getting postponed. If you are lucky enough to get the person without any hitch of time, distance, etc  you are marching ahead in life. If you are not lucky enough, the rise of negativity is seen in your life.

Today’s youngster’s think that their friends from outside understand them better than their family. They believe their family underestimates them. The amount of trust they have on their friends is more than they have on the family. Friends are family and they keep their immediate family at an arm’s length and keep their difficulties to themselves and get depressed for not being able to share their problems with anybody at home. The mistrust on the family members gives rise to frustration, depression, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, which in turn has an influence in generating fewer opportunities, less confidence, loss of health, etc.

We adults, have a social responsibility towards our youngsters to educate them about the importance of friendship within the family. You will have fewer problems in life because you look out for the opportunity to go home, relax and talk with the friend at home. You discuss your problems, find out ways to approach them and try to reduce the impact on your life. You rush back home with eagerness to share your experiences with the family. You are cementing your bond with love, patience and with an expectation to grow more. This gives contentment and creates an atmosphere to take life as it comes.

So friends, let us decide that all of us need to be friends with our family members first and also have friends outside. To keep our life moving confidently towards attaining our dreams and desires, we all need one true friend at home.

Why not be confident and trust our people at home and make them our true friend? After all we all are living with the only expectation to live happily ever after!  Let’s start to find the one person in our immediate family and start confiding our joys and sorrows as this will definitely help the society at large in eradicating depression and suicides.

Leave your comments and let me know when you are starting to make a friend at home. 


  1. Nice one again... true friends are very precious, hence treasure them coz u r their treasure... friends forever

  2. but... like u say... it is the family which is more caring and lovin, more than the best friends even if they dont show it... well we all as a family should note to show the love and care more often and with an open heart...

  3. No Comment could be made , such a nice reading