Thursday, 17 November 2011


Life yaani ke Suboh hoti hai, sham hoti hai, yuhin zindagi tamam hoti hai

What is life? Life is something from which we expect much to happen. Life is something we want it to be, we want this to happen, that to happen, we want the luxuries, we want the happiness, the comforts, the dreams fulfilled and above all we want the whole world to love us, we want the people to come back to us to appreciate us, to praise us, to get suggestions from us, we want our friends and relatives to take our advice to run their lives. We respect those people more who wear branded clothes, have a latest mobile, the latest four wheeler and above all we are pleased to meet someone who is always on facebook as it is the in-thing. Why? It is all because we think that life is as the money we earn. No doubt, money gives us the security to live life to the maximum. The mantra has become “Have money? Flaunt it, show it to the world that you are successful and you have achieved your goal of having a comfortable life!”

Sorry, I don’t agree with this, money does give security, only when I have it in my pocket and allows me to procure what I need, what my family needs, what my parents need. Do we at least check out with our parents whether they have a dream of buying something for someone or probably themselves, which they are unable to do, because they do not want to openly demand money from their children. The children which they brought up, by making both ends meet with much difficulty. Our parents would certainly have curtailed their own desires to fulfill duties as parents. Are we at least remembering those days and doing our duties as their kids to fulfill those unmet needs of our parents. We think by providing good food and clothing to our families we have done our duties. No, we have not. We have to sit with our families, enjoy talking to them about our past, about our future plans, find some time to just sit back and laugh heartily.

Life can be lived by sharing the day-to-day chores with the family, calling on relatives and friends just to while away time singing songs and sharing anecdotes. Life is successful when people look up to us to spend time with us, just to bring some happiness in their life. Life is successful when you call up your siblings, childhood/school/college friends, whom you are not in touch from a long time.

Enjoy everyday as if there’s no tomorrow. Do not procrastinate. Make up your mind to achieve something worthwhile. Be happy to talk to everybody, be smiling, share jokes, share your past and teach all to live in the present.

Ultimately life is good when I get peaceful sleep in the night. I look forward for the next day without any regrets. More people to meet, more opportunities to serve family, friends and society. Look forward to help somebody on the street, help your colleagues in their moments of crisis, help the friend in distress, the relative who is lost in his own world of problems. Believe in yourself and help others and don’t hesitate to help because the deed done with a good intention will come back to you in the form of positivity, it will be a very good stress buster. Your Mantra should be ‘Live and Let Live’.

Technology might give us momentary happiness until the next invention probably. But attitude is going to change our whole lifetime. How many of us are going to change from today?


  1. Very Truly said that our attitude towards life will determine our growth, it is always better to have a positive attitude,

  2. Zindagi kahan aake tham gayi hai... lookin forward to hearing more from you...