Thursday, 8 September 2016

Acknowledgements of Life

Let us be honest. It is very difficult  to acknowledge the striving factors of our living in this big world. While its wonderful, it becomes hectic to thank the people we come across in our lives. Nonetheless, each and every person deserves the gratitude.

When we get to the very beginning of our life, we should be grateful to God, and our parents to bring us into this world, with all the possible dreams of shaping our lives with their thoughts and actions.
We start our life by stepping outside our homes into the norms of the society.

The society teaches us how we get along with the outside world and cope with the pressures of life. The pressures of life force us to learn about the strive for the satisfaction. It isn't always important to demonstrate the success story about our life but acknowledge the reason of the success.

Every morning we wake with positive attitude and embody within us, great calmness and positiveness but its very difficult to acknowledge the factor of the embodied state. Well it's also a fact that we do not thank every individual around us for the kind of service achieved from them. We get involved in the norms of the society we live in so much, that it seems like a custom to be in it. What seems gold may just be glitter but when we realize that its just glitter or vice versa, we don't acknowledge it. Instead we curse it for being a glitter and we do no thank if it is gold.

Sometimes it so happens that the society becomes a very good teacher , not in a way which we generally expect, in a mathematical way, we can sum it up that the net emotions is always equal to zero . Everyday is a combination of both happiness and troubles, the mind is always engaged within these momentary happiness and the strange worries within. The choice lies within, about the way we  handle the situations, whether a boon or simply a rattrap. So always remember to see the world with a sight of positiveness to ensure that the outcome is positive just by acknowledging these tiny instances in our life.

Do not just go through the motions. Every day will be as normal as it turns out to be. Only we need to acknowledge the good times of life and have patience during the bad times.

Tomorrow never comes. Live your life today.  Do things which make you feel good and proud. Live a simple and sweet life.

Live to Learn and Learn to Live.