Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Back again, sorry for having kept you all waiting for the posts. Things have become the most intriguing in life. The funda lies in how we tackle it. Every aspect of life revolves around how we are going to treat the issue. Normally, every issue in our lives need to be tackled on a priority basis. And to settle the matter of the utmost priority we need to know how the matter has to be solved to reduce the negative impact on our lives. We need to know how important the aspect of handling the matter is than the matter itself.

Behaviour is the ultimate weapon which enables or disables our life. We come across mutiple behaviour patterns on a daily basis. We see people abusing, accusing, fighting, shouting at the top of their voices just to force their opinion about something valid/invalid. The persons around end up hurt, above all do not understand the issue which is being shouted at. By the time the shouting is over, the actual validity of the issue will be discussed. In addition to it, the judgement of the behaviour of the person shouting will start and the right to judge everybody is universal. If this kind of behaviour is shown at public places, people do not think that instead of poking noses in the matter, they should try to pacify the matter. This aggressive behaviour happens everywhere be it around the public or very personal at our homes. Aggressive behaviour is not going to lead us anywhere. It is a kind of behaviour where animals are associated with, because they do not have a mind of their own and are unable to talk their matter and to show their anger or frustration they have to be aggressive.

We Human beings have a mind of our own, we should learn to be Assertive in our behaviour. This definitely is going to help us lead our lives more peacefully. We have all the time in our worlds to assert our ideas, thoughts and actions in a pleasing manner to get a positive outcome. We just need to do a mental preparation to face the issue by thinking about the pros and cons and the ifs and buts and with an extra dose of patience. We also need to talk on a low voice and look into the eyes of the person to whom we are talking. And Lo! your behaviour is praised by everybody and the outcome also is positive most of the times.

We also come across another behaviour that is Passive. This kind of behaviour is generally associated with mild/submissive people. The passive are the ones who are mostly ruled by the aggressive people. Sometimes, this kind of behaviour helps us lead lives peacefully, but we only have to learn when to be passive and how much of it should be shown.

As we learnt the kinds of behaviour we also need to learn to incorporate the kind of behaviour we need at different times of our lives. A very good example would be while travelling on the road.If you are the person driving/riding your vehicle and you do face the fellow travellers being aggressive to lead you and you too want to reach the destination fast and you want to be safe too. You can judge as to what kind of behaviour is the need of the hour to avoid mishaps.

We all would have shown all the three kinds of behaviour during our lifetimes. Shall we all start to learn what behaviour begets what? And what is the kind of behaviour we should have to lead a good comfortable life?


  1. Along with the behaviour we need to have a right attitude so that it helps us to grow in life

  2. A behaviour defines a person, it is reflective of what u see, similar to a mirror..Behaviour and manners sets a person apart..

  3. Nice to c u back... anywayz welcome back.. and its a nice article too :)