Saturday, 17 March 2012


         Time is the long standing constraint of our life. In the era of social networking, there is never any enough time to get things done. When it comes to having a successful career, the one thing that gets satisfied is relationships.

When you have a goal to reach in your career, the worst thing you can do is just focus on work, work, and work. Success is all about relationships. Relationships are with your management, boss, colleagues and customers, everyone in your work environment.

Relationships cannot be just about working relationships, they can be about personal relationships with the people involved in your work. We actually connect with the human being beneath these relationships.

To reach out to these relationships deeper, we need to have one essential commodity which nobody has these days. And that is TIME. We don’t need to waste time on perfecting these relationships  but if you just do it right by being genuine, open and sensitive to people’s boundaries, you will be on the top.

Here are seven reasons why your success depends far more on those all-important interpersonal work relationships than you realize:

1. Studying the most successful people we realize that their network is their biggest asset. That is how they tapped their most eventful opportunities. When you have a personal relationship with someone, it creates a level of trust which in turn helps in trusting the opportunity of the knock of success.

2. Strong relationships make it easier to get information and information is power. It can be about an unknown opportunity. This key information is achieved only when you have a strong trust present in the relationship.

3. Relationships help you get through during tougher times. A relationship helps you win the tough situation and make the difference when times are hard. It means that you have someone to lean on. You actually lean on that relationship.

4. When you rise in your career, the higher are the expectations from you. As fulfilling these expectations are very important to you, the people involved are actually looking up to you as they are confident that you are there for them. It is because you get that job done. You are confident as well; as you are sure they will do what you expect from them.

5. Fewer, stronger relationships have more value. As more, weaker relationships are going to create more harm for you, than good.

6. The old school thought of maintaining the relationship with a physical presence than the new virtual options is a better option. There should be real connection, a real bond, as you can expect that person to do anything special or go that extra mile for you.

7. Personal relationships are more important and everyone has to devote more time and energy to personal relationships. And the more global our markets become, the more important it is to get personal.

Are we all going to start connecting with people and build good healthy relationships? 


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  2. Good one...relationships r very important & like u said it creates a wide network and a trustful one. Also, u need to be in touch to keep the relationship fruitful & satisfactory. so the motto is Keep in Touch