Thursday, 26 April 2012


Our culture is certainly changing for the worst. Our rich Indian culture and traditions relevant from the historic times is passing through a non-digestible and intolerable phases. We don’t know whether it is going to improve or get worse than today.

An instance of degradation of our culture is the dressing sense amongst the new generation. The question is not about aping the western society, as everyone has a right to choose his or her dress. It’s about being fashionable when it is not suitable to the person. Being fashionable does not mean to be immodest in your dressing. Wearing clothes is basically to cover your modesty and not to reveal the uglier sights of your body.

The ultra-modern low waist jeans and behen of jeans the leggings are ruling the fashion world.

All of you would agree that the new fashion trend of wearing leggings by the female gender is taken with a warm welcome by every tom, dick and harry. There are no apprehensions about wearing leggings, as it is a cheap option and easily accessible, storable and easily maintainable by all.

The idea of wearing leggings to complete any dress is not a bad idea at all. But, the fact about who should decide to wear it is questionable. Certainly women with thunder thighs and big hips are a big No. The awkwardness faced by the near and dear ones be it friends, relatives, the general public is really embarrassing. The obese ladies wearing such should be reminded that those do not suit them. But who bells the cat? They should be really made to know that, it is a mere display of their bulge and its time they trim down their fat.

In addition to wearing the above mentioned leggings, the fact of wearing a skin or beige(skin) coloured leggings has hit the society so badly that the females who wear  them are unaware that at a sudden glimpse they look naked from below. You have to certainly look for more than a second to exactly find whether the lady in question is wearing something on the legs or has she forgotten to wear? This is nothing but attracting unhealthy attention towards you.

The question of wearing low waist jeans across both the genders has become unanswerable. Sometimes the jeans go too low to show the (cleavage) uglier portions of the b… or to show the brand of innerwear you are wearing. Why this? Is the society become so blind to all this dirty pictures being displayed day to day in our normal healthy environment? Are there no objections to such blatant display in the name of fashion?  Is there nobody to remind them that they are creating objective scenes?

With this display of cellulite and cleavages (backside) there is nothing much left to imagination.

So wake up, all of you who are really concerned about our rich culture and want to stop the faulty approach to fashion.  Please do something to remind the obese ladies to be reasonable in their dressing. There are certainly better options to hide their bulge.

The low waist concerns are so rampant in the society that it has become intolerable to see girls and boys at public places and during pillion riding on two wheelers; showing off their b….  Let everybody be cautious of what they wear to what they want to hide and what they want to reveal.

And what happens when you are revealed about your darker sides? Your entire personality gets affected and you will have the tendency to stop to think and feel guilty if you are shown the mirror. So, why create an atmosphere of apologies when you are not guilty of doing a mistake knowingly. Certainly there would be many ways u can avoid being a public nuisance.

So girls and boys think what you wear and take healthy criticism on the face and dig out ways to improve your personality.

Let’s change and be modest in our dressing sense and make the society a healthy atmosphere and enrich our Indian traditions and cultures.

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  1. I do agree with u mam, but the big question is "who is gonna go and ring the bell?". As you have mentioned in your blog we are just moving towards the worst not towards the best. Now the major responsibility lies with the parents as well. In today's modern life parents want there kids to look better then there neighbor's children. So who do think should be blamed here the one who wear these kind of clothes or parents or society itself ?